• Consultancy and advice on all security issues
  • Professional assessment of threat level, risk factor and vulnerability
  • Appraisal of adversely status with capabilities
  • Pragmatic, composite and cost effective security plan with options
  • Coordination and interaction with federal/provincial Govt, federal/provincial law enforcing agencies, police and intelligence agencies
  • Heat map of various areas and cities
  • Security clearance of individuals and corporate entities
  • Independent monitoring and scrutiny and security set ups
  • Counter measure identification
  • Critical infrastructure and key asset inventory
  • Graded five point scales to estimate probable loss to life and property
  • Counter measures to prevent kidnapping for ransom and instruments for security
  • Risk management plan
  • Grading of security agencies in operation
  • Consultancy on setting up a lean in-house intelligence unit

Trident Security Consultants

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