Our Services

We offer a professional approach, based on thorough investigation, survey and appraisal is crucial before any security apparatus is put in place. Our services include the following activities:

  • Extensive survey of target area/subject
  • Catalog the possible perpetrators and abettors
  • Determine the level of threat
  • Evaluate the ground realities and threat in the context of local culture and sensitivities.
  • Consult and interact with the client
  • Examine the risk vii. Assess the vulnerability.

Our specialization

We Provide What Others Can Only Promise.

Consultancy and advice on all security issues
Pragmatic, composite and cost effective security plan with options
Professional assessment of threat level, risk factor and vulnerability
Heat map of various areas and cities
Appraisal of adversely status with capabilities
Security clearance of individuals and corporate entities
Independent monitoring and scrutiny and security set ups
Graded five point scales to estimate probable loss to life and property
Counter measure identification
Counter measures to prevent kidnapping for ransom and instruments for security
Critical infrastructure and key asset inventory
Risk management plan
Grading of security agencies in operation
Coordination and interaction with federal/provincial Govt, federal/provincial law enforcing agencies, police and intelligence agencies
Consultancy on setting up a lean in-house intelligence unit
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