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akistan is critically beset with grave security problems and terrorist threat. The situation is so volatile that no one feels safe or secure. It is a pity that security measures adopted to meet this challenge are invariably reactive, ingenuous and unsophisticated. On the other hand the perpetrators of mayhem, besides having an inherent advantage of choosing the time, place and targ4et, mostly execute their plans professionally.
Resultantly the common man has lost faith in the entire security apparatus, whether it be in the public or private sector. With each passing day the situation is aggravating. In order to address the issue with some degree of success it is imperative to approach and manage the Problem professionally. It is equally important to dispense with slipshod, expensive and porous security arrangements, which only dupe the client into a false sense of security. Tooting sirens and brandishing weapons which is the end product of this approach is not the solution. No wonder the terrorists and criminals wreak havoc with impunity and at will and with each passing day their success rate is improving.
Leaving security of life and property to services or naivety can only entail disastrous consequences which one witness every day. A professional approach, based on through investigation, survey and appraisal is crucial before any security apparatus is put in place. The pre requisites are:-

  • Extensive survey of target area/subject
  • Evaluate the ground realities and threat in the context of local culture and sensitivities.
  • Catalogue the possible perpetrators and abettors.
  • Consult and interact with the client
  • Determine the level of threat
  • Examine the risk vii. Assess the vulnerability.

It needs to be recognize that analysis and assessment on all the above ‘factors will at most times degree of subjectivity. It will also be appreciated that these assessments can never be scientifically tabulated for obvious reasons. The only viable option therefore is to grade the level of threat, vulnerability and risk on a scale of one to five. Like wise to make an objective assessment of the dynamics of the adversary nearly a dozen factors will have to be taken into account. The common denominator in all these undertakings is comprehensive and rigorous research and analysis plus inputs from all stake holders and professional quarters. Instead of experimenting or having a knee jerk approach, we should learn from the experience of others. In particular Ireland and USA after 9/11, would serve as excellent case studies. The fundamental point which surfaces if we examine how these two countries tackled the situation is professional and holistic approach.

Mission Statement

Trident Security and Consultancy services (TSCS) aim is to provide advice on how cheaper, safer and pragmatic, yet more effective security cover can be managed. Our mission is to make Pakistan safer.

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